United has been pressing with many of the same hydraulic machines throughout the company's existence, and our mechanics and operators know our machines through and through. We house both automated and manual presses of which can produce 7",10" and 12" sizes. Our 12” records can be pressed at 130, 150, or 180 gram.

Fun fact: It takes about 25 seconds to make one record!

Once we have your stampers and all your components, it's time for production! Our premier PVC compound comes in many different colors and in the form of tiny pellets or beads. We pour these beads into the machine's hopper and they are melted down at about 250 degrees into the shape of a "hockey puck" or "biscuit." Then, with the power of steam and hydraulics, your A and B grooved stampers press and flatten this shape using over 60 tons PSI. The record is then trimmed using a sharp blade. We call this excess “flash” and send it to regrind to be recycled.