Where digital meets physical

United can help you give your customers the analog warmth of vinyl plus a digital download of your release in one easy step. We can provide you a secure 320 bit digital music hosting service, custom digital download coupons with unique one-time-use codes, packaged together with your vinyl all at a great price.

Standard Vinyl & Download Package:
Features Include:
  • 320 bit rate digital files created by United from customer supplied source.
  • The flexibility of offering downloads from one track to the whole album
  • Each digital download card features a unique code that may only be used once then it is deactivated.
  • 1000 black & white custom download coupons that include the artist name, album title and your logo (when provided)
  • Consumers will be directed to this page, where they will have one time access to the songs you decide to offer.
Pricing and Upgrades:
  • Basic Download Package ($360): Gives you the download package and your first 1000 Custom black and white Digital Download Coupons and hosting service. Each additional download coupon is an additional $0.16.
  • 12x12 Insert Download Card Combos: You design your 12 x 12 insert but leave us a corner to put your download info in.
  • Marketing Upgrade ($50): (Click here for more information) The marketing upgrade requires the consumer to input their email address and other information on this page before accessing their files. The information collected is available to you as an Excel compatible text file that can be accessed at any time.
  • Audio-File Lossless Upgrade ($65) NEW!: This option allows you to upgrade form our standard 320 bit MP3s to audiophile quality lossless WAV files. Your customer will be able to choose which file type they'd like to download.
  • Offsite Access ($55): (Click here for more information) This option allows you to offer the files on the website of your choice. You will be given html code to paste into your website. If you choose this option, be sure to inform us of the exact website location you'd like printed on your download coupons.
  • Customer Supplied Card Art ($40): Include album covers or custom art on your cards.
    Print on back side of Cards ($.10 each): Add additional art or text to the back of your cards.
  • Download Stickers ($.12 each): This option gives you our standard download stickers (shown on this page) and their application to your jackets.

Sample Download Coupon and Sticker:

These offers are only available for new orders that include lacquer mastering and only tracks on the album are available for download. Your digital files will be available immediately to consumers once your order is complete and for as long as there is download activity on your release. We reserve the right to remove your files after a period of total download inactivity. We will contact you in the event of six months of download inactivity to inquire about extending your download availability time.